Frequently Asked Questions About Us And Our E-Cigarette Products

Who Are We
We are a trustworthy electronic cigarette UK review company. We know we are a trustworthy cloud e cig company because many of are customers keep coming back to us, and this is because they know we carry only the best products, and we put an emphasis on customer support.


What Makes Our Devices Better Than Others
Our devices are the best ones you will find on the market today. We care about quality, and that is exactly why you will always find quality products on out website. Our products are also affordable and very competitive. If you browse our competitors’ products and prices, then you will quickly realize what makes our devices better than theirs. Order one of our e-cigs today and find out why you will never buy from another company.

What Is An E-Cig
E-cigs are an electronic device that stimulates smoking a real cigarette, except without experiencing the side effects that are typically associated with regular cigarettes. The device comes with a cartridge that contains vapor that you inhale. Once the vapor is all gone, then you simply get a refill.

Does The Device Produce Smoke
Our devices do not produce any harmful smoke. As previously mentioned our devices produce vapor, which is much less harmful than smoke that is produced by regular cigarettes.

Where Can You Smoke The Devices
Since the devices we sell do not contain the same ingredients that regular smokes contain, you can usually smoke them anywhere that regular smokes are banned. This includes places such as the beach, restaurants, bars, offices and more. If you have been looking for a product you can use anytime, then you electronic cigarettes are what you want to have by your side. However, make sure you check the rules of the establishment you plan on visiting, because some businesses may have their own rules regarding the use of e-cigs.

Is The Vapor Available In Different Flavours
You will be pleased to know that we have different flavours available. We understand that smokers like to have a variety of flavours to choose from, and this is why we do our best to offer numerous ones. Browse our selection of flavours, and choose the one/ones you think you will enjoy the most.

Who Can Buy E Cigs
If you are 18 years of age or older, then you can purchase an e cigarette. As long as you are of a legal smoking age, then you are allowed to smoke e cigarettes. Just make sure that you are old enough to smoke according to your local or region’s laws, and if you are, then simply choose the devices and accessories you want.

How Do I Place An Order
Placing an order is very easy to do. Simply choose the products you want to buy from us, and then order using your credit or debit card. Your privacy is important to us and we do not share any of your information, and this includes your credit/debit card information. All you have to do is place an order and we take care of the rest.

How Long Does It Take To Receive My order
It does not take long to receive your order. As soon as your order is place, we will make sure to ship it out as soon as possible. Most of our customers will usually receive their items within one week of placing them. In matter of fact most customers receive their orders in less than seven days.

Where Do We Ship To
We can ship our products to anywhere in the United Kingdom. It does not matter where you live, we will send your order to you. Just keep in mind that the further you live, the more time it may take for you to receive your items. The good news is that most customers, regardless of where they live, will receive their items within a week of ordering them.

Our Guarantee
We are an established company, as well as one of the most trusted e-cigarette companies in the United Kingdom, and this is why we guarantee you will enjoy our products. If you receive your items and you are not happy with them, then send us an email or give us a call and we will do what we can in order to make you happy. We take customer service very seriously. Go to our product section of our website, and see all the different e-cigarette products we offer, and choose the ones that you want. We will then ship your order out and we are almost 100% sure you will return to us to order more products.