Electronic Cigarettes – An Insight On The Modern Way Of Smoking

They may be the hottest social trend among modern smokers, but electronic cigarettes are not that new. They have been around for the past 40years and only gain prominence in the last 7 years. Electronic cigarettes or e-cigs are viewed as the safe and healthier alternative to the traditional tobacco cigarettes.

What Is An Electronic Cigarette?

e-cigaretteThis electronic stick runs on a lithium battery, nicotine filled cartomizer, and an LED light at the front end. Since, the key secret behind the longing for a smoke of the tobacco sticks is the nicotine that is the key components of the e-cigs, which does away with all the other harmful elements of smoking the cancerous tobacco sticks. The cartomizer contains an e-liquid, which is nicotine and propylene glycol, other optional additives and flavoring. The LED light at the front end of the stick light up when the stick is smoked to give an illusion of an actual lit tobacco stick.

Smoking or puffing on the electronic cigarette known as vaping is coined from the e-liquid vapour inhaled that is produced when it is heated by a heating element that is powered by the lithium battery. The amount of vapour produced when you puff (vape) is always the same regardless of how hard you will puff on the stick; the only things that will diminish are the e-liquid or the lithium battery.

How Much Is An E-Cig?

The average cost of enjoying an e-cig smoke is less than £10. One of the factors to this is the fact that you only need to have and use one stick, which is commonly what is found in the electronic cigarette starter kits. The sticks might vary in design, style, and color, but always have the same functionality irrespective of the many e-cig manufacturers out there today. The kit runs at less than £20 while replacements of the battery or the cartridges after some use cost around £8. This quite a save of money compared to the thousands of pounds spent in a year on packs of tobacco cigarettes.

The FDAs Take on E-Cigs

Electronic cigarettes have the better part of their existence enjoy are free monopoly and reign of the market. It is only recently that the FDA came out strongly to stay that it will start regulating the manufacture and use of these electronic nicotine inhalers. Existing laws and regulations pegged on tobacco laws do not apply to e-cigs, yet they both deliver nicotine; a particular subject that the FDA fronts as a valid reason for the regulation of electronic cigarettes.

In addition, several entities particulars the critics still question the validity of e-cigs being a healthier way of enjoying a smoke. The subject of contention is the chemical composition of the e-liquid with some critics sighting the inherent addiction to nicotine.

Are Electronic Cigarettes Healthy?

Fact is smoking e-cigs are a social trend, one that caught many scientists and researchers off-guard. As such, they say they have not had enough time to analyze if electronic cigarettes are safe for use. An analysis done on a few brands did show some trace elements of some compounds classified as hazardous, they cannot be compared to the over 10,000 hazardous compounds found in tobacco cigarettes. As such, the toxicity levels linked to the use of electronic cigarettes is significantly lower making them a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco sticks.


Electronic cigarettes will be continue to be a trendy affair and highly advocated for to all new and ardent tobacco cigarette smokers. The issues highlighted avoid simply paint a clear picture of these modern gadgets and why they are less likely to be dismissed or struck-off from the market.