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E cigs are also known as electronic cigarettes are the new way of smoking. e cigs are popular and cool. They can come in all sorts of different types of flavors and colors. You will be able to make mix-and-match as much as you want. You may be able to get cherry strawberry blueberry cigarettes. These are all different flavors that you would not be able to smoke with traditional cigarettes.

You cigarettes usually come in the carrying case and you’ll be able to choose which flavor you want at that time. They usually also have a battery what you need to replace once in a while. You might also pick out certain color for your cigarette, like pink, blue, or red. A lot of people like that they can customize the look of their cigarettes and customize what types of flavors that they are smoking.

They are clean sleek and popular because it do not affect people around you. No longer will you have to be outside to smoke or, in the rain, or snow.

It is also nice to know that you will not affect people around you with secondhand smoke. This is nice for the people who don’t like to smoke, like the smell of smoke or who can not be around the smoke.

Most people that smoke will realize when smoking an e cigarette the people will not be bothered or even notice. They may notice the cloud of water vapor smoke that may smell like cherries and look like a cigarette smoke cloud. This is a good way to introduce the to e cigarettes and let them know that they are not being affected by that secondhand smoke. Most people enjoy that fact that you have taken this step to help them and the environment.